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WIKIJAB015 Trey Jones

The US-American computational linguist Trey Jones, who works at the Wikimedia Foundation as part of the Search Platform team, and the German Wikipedian Sebastian Wallroth talking at Wikiconference North America 2018 in Columbus, Ohio about weird searches in 300 languages and the physical size of online collaborators.

WIKIJAB013 Rahul Deshmukh and Abhishek Suryawanshi

The Indian Wikipedia editors Rahul Deshmukh and Abhishek Suryawanshi talk with Sebastian Wallroth at the Wikimedia Conference 2018 in Berlin. Offline Wikipedia in Indian languages, the worlds cheapest tablet, multilingualism, the neutral point of view, different views on Wikipedia, and challenges on Wikipedia in India

WIKIJAB012 Marios Magioladitis

The Greek Wikimedian Marios Magioladitis (User:Magioladitis) and the German Sebastian Wallroth talk at the Wikimedia Conference 2018 in Berlin about the Greek Wikipedia Community, AutoWikiBrowser, the difference between bigger and smaller Wikipedia communities, the Gender Gap and children and robots.

WIKIJAB010 Amir Ladsgroup

The Iranian Wikipedian Amir talked with Sebastian Wallroth about life in Teheran and Berlin, Big Data and too big Wikipedias.

WIKIJAB009 Andrei Cipu

Andrei Cipu from Romania and Sebastian Wallroth from Germany talk about Wikipedia in Romania, the tricky parts of online communication and copy and paste errors in the legislative.

WIKIJAB008 KuboF Hromoslav

The Slovakian Wikipedia Editor, Chair of Wikimedia Slovakia User Group KuboF Hromoslav spoke at the WikidataCon 2017 in Berlin with Sebastian Wallroth about the ease of learning Esperanto and how to make friends all over the world.

WIKIJAB007 Felix Nartey

The “Wikipedian of the Year 2017” Felix Nartey from Ghana and Sebastian Wallroth from Germany speak about the Internet in Ghana, Open Knowledge in Africa and how we can all contribute.

WIKIJAB006 Amir Aharoni

The Russian-Israeli linguist Amir Aharoni works as Product Manager in the Language Engineering Team of the Wikimedia Foundation.

Amir and Sebastian Wallroth talk about revived languages, the diversity of languages, the primacy of English language in the Wikipedias, the Content translation tool and Compact Language Links.

WIKIJAB005 Pigsonthewing

Andy Mabbett, Wikipedia-User Pigsonthewing, and Sebastian Wallroth speak about the project Wikispecies, the Voice intro project, and WikiArabia.

WIKIJAB004 Lane Rasberry

Lane Rasberry (New York) and Sebastian Wallroth (Berlin) talk about Wikipedia and health topics, LGBT+, black crowds in NYC and the Cascadian Independence Movement.

WIKIJAB002 Deryck Chan

Sebastian Wallroth talks with Deryck Chan at Wikimania 2017 in Montréal, Canada about Derycks first contact with Wikipedia, the organizing of Wikimania Hong Kong, the Cantonese Wikipedia, Wikidata, how Wikimania saves time, Wiki Meetups in Cambridge, the Wikidata Game, how to bring people to Wikipedia, wikis or Wikipedia at work, and what Deryck would do as King of Wikipedia.

WIKIJAB001 Bence Damokos

The Hungarian Wikimedian Bence Damokos was an early adopter of the Wikipedia, volunteered at the Affiliation Committee and works at the European Parliament today.